Building a Web Site for Dummies 2nd Edition 2004

Posted By: runje

Building a Web Site for Dummies, 2nd Edition | 2004 | PDF | 388 Pages

Build a Web site that lures visitors and looks professional
Create a Web site for your club, team, family, or business

Are you eager to put together a Web site that really gets attention, or maybe kick your current site up a notch? This book makes it easy! It’ll help you find great graphics for your site, keep it up to date, add search features, establish links for more exposure, and make your site profitable.

All this on the bonus CD-ROM:

Adobe® Photoshop® CS and Adobe® GoLive® CS tryout versions
Trial versions of Macromedia Flash™ MX 2004, ColdFusion® MX Enterprise, Fireworks® MX 2004, Dreamweaver® MX 2004, and FreeHand® MX
Plus Hemera Photo-Objects 500 Sampler
Discover how to:

Make your site easy to navigate
Get optimum listing on Google™
Accept payment for an online business
Gain feedback with message boards
Add photos, sound, and video to your site
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